Xi Man Pageant: XiMA’s

Considering I was entering my very first Xi Man season, I had so many expectations. Even though all of them were completely exceeded, I wish someone informed me on how difficult it is to keep up with your spring break body with all of the fattening food available around the household. But who needs a rocking bod when you get to enjoy irreplaceable moments with your sisters bonding over how much you love food and the awesome candidates this year, am I right?

On a more serious note, Xi Man season is easily one of the most entertaining and memorable times of the year. Every year the sisters of Alpha Xi Delta are blessed with opportunity to find someone who represents our chapter in the best possible way. Finding a fellow gentleman who wears our letters and supports our philanthropy, Autism Speaks, is very important to everyone in our community. Ask any sister of Alpha Xi Delta about Xi Man and a grin with an enthusiastic answer will be followed. As a week of well-coordinated serenades, philanthropic events, and generous gestures of the hard12791107_10154103028948394_3834531104063471892_nworking candidates comes to an end, the Xi Man Pageant finally begins. This year Alpha Tau Omega, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Sigma Phi, Delta Upsilon, Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Pi, Sigma Nu, and Zeta Beta Tau each had a member from their fraternities run for the adored title of Alpha Xi Delta’s Xi Man 2016. This year’s pageant theme was “XiMA’s” and it was held on February twenty fourth in the Student Union here at UCF.  As sisters lined the walls of the Pegasus ballroom in their black attire, fellow Greek students filed in to support their contestants participating in the charitable event. The contestants were judged on talent, question and answer, personality walk, and formal wear. Each contestant poured their heart and soul into each one of the categories, and to say that it was enjoyable would be an understatement.

This year the Xi Man committee created such a fun and functional event that brought happiness to everyone who attended. Being apart of such an amazing event with your sisters by your side is an unforgettable experience. Not only do you get to choose someone who gets to experience life with you and your sisters for a year, but you also get to raise money for an incredible cause while doing so. Finding our Xi Man is something that is so special to all of us individually and we are all so appreciative to all the hard work put forth by the candidates this year, you are not unnoticed. To our Xi Men from the past to present that we love so dearly, thank you so much for everything you do, you’ve done, and continue to do for us we are so grateful for you.

For More Information about our Xi Man Field Day, click here

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